Virtual Reality for Interior Design

In my final year at the University of Illinois, I was a founding designer in a new program titled the Underground Unicorn Program. This program was aimed at connecting the talents of graphic designers and computer scientists. The first semester consisted of taking courses in each other's disciplines, and the second semester was a seminar where the unicorns were placed in working groups on different projects. My project, worked on with Brandon Chen, Ismael Cuevas, and Rizky Wellyanto, studied virtual reality as a means to explore interior design. We were working off a base design that was rudimentary and confusing. We also took a clunky interface and simplified the functions using an Xbox controller. The project was coded in Unity. My contribution to the project was in the form of UX Researcher and Designer. I studied competitors, designed a basic interface, and am continuing to find partners and users to test our product. This project is still in progress, and will be updated continually as we finish. If you'd like to learn more about the project feel free to email me